PowerOLAP Exchange Cube Properties

OLAPExchange is a tab on the PowerOLAP client application

If your PowerOLAP Database is configured for OLAPExchange and your user has privileges to access the configuration you can use the following process to review the OLAPExchange source definition.


  • If you would like to see which SQL tables are being referenced in your Dimensions you can use the PowerOLAP “Cube Properties“ button on the OLAPExchange tab.
  • When you click on the button you will see the image below:
  • Here you will see the Cubes and Dimensions within your Database.
  • The “Summary” button will enable you to identify the SQL tables that are being referenced by your specific dimensions in PowerOLAP.
  • See image below as a reference: 
  • Here you will find additional information that will be helpful to you in understanding what SQL Tables are being used and will help with Data Intergrity. 
  • Important point to note is that The PowerOLAP Cube Properties Button is only found in the PowerOLAP Client Application and not in the PowerOLAP Service Control Program.